Welcome to the Infomash Help page. Please read the following FAQ to see if your issue has been dealt with previously by our team:

Q: When I do a search on google and click a link I automatically get redirected to your site. Why is this happening?
A: Unfortunately it could be that an unscrupulous publisher has installed malware onto your computer. Please see our Malware page for further information

Q: When I come to your website I don’t see any content, only ads for charitable organisations. Why is this?
A: We use geo-targeting to only show content to users inside the USA or the UK. Any users outside of these zones will receive links to charitable and well renowned organisations just in case they feel that they would like to contribute to helping others. However our geo-targeting is only as good as the IP address database that we use so we apologise if you are in the rare minority of people that are excluded from seeing our content in error.


The Infomash Team

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